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Ground Ambulance Service

Emergency and Non-Emergency Ground Ambulance Service

Event Standby Service

Event Standby Service

Emergency Medical Care for participants and spectators at pre-planned events

Advanced Services

Advanced Services

Dispatch On-Demand, Communications, Logging & Analysis, Patient Risk Monitoring

Ground Ambulance Service

Ground Ambulance Service

Emergency and Non-Emergency Ground Ambulance Service.

Ground Ambulance Services are vehicles that are equipped, maintained, and properly authorized to carry patients by road to their destinations, such as hospitals with resources.

They are used to transport patients with traumatic or medical conditions or patients for whom the need for specialty care, emergency, or non-emergency medical care is anticipated either at the patient location or during transport.

Ground ambulance services provide high-quality emergency medical care at the scene of traumatic or medical emergencies, and during transport to and between medical facilities.

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Basic Life Support (BLS)

Basic Life Support includes Emergency Medical Technicians to provide patient assessment and care, including CPR/AED, oxygen administration and basic airway management, monitoring of vital signs, splinting and bleeding control. EMTs are highly trained and certified by the State of Florida.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Advanced Life Support includes Paramedics, with Emergency Medical Technician levels of care and additional, higher levels of training, including advanced airway management, cardiac monitoring and intervention, medication administration and more. Paramedic/ALS levels-of-care require rigorous training and education and are certified by the State of Florida.

Critical Care Transport (CCT)

The CCT team is an expert team of critical care providers available 24/7 to transport critically ill and injured patients of all ages via a ground mobile intensive care unit.

Bariatric Transport (BT)

Bariatric transport is a non-emergency medical transport service that involves the transportation of patients who generally weigh over 400 lbs.

Event Standby Services


Special Event Medical Standby Services.

Offers spectators and event participants fully equipped onsite EMS teams, for any activity or event.

Onsite teams will respond immediately and provide assessment and appropriate treatment.

If medical transport is indicated, our teams will make direct communications center contact and request the appropriate mode of transport, per local regulations and continue to provide care until transport arrives.

Having highly trained and certified emergency medical personnel onsite to render immediate care, can make a life-saving difference.

Seconds count!

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Medical Assessments

Medical Care



Advanced Services

Ground Ambulance Service

Advanced Services

We offer many innovative services, including Dispatch On-Demand, Navigation & Communications, Logging & Analysis, and Patient Risk Monitoring

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Medical Dispatch (EMD) On-Demand Program

Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) is a system that has been developed to prioritize and dispatch emergency medical services in response to calls for help. EMD is typically used by emergency dispatchers who are trained to ask specific questions and provide pre-arrival instructions to callers reporting medical emergencies.

EMD Navigation AND Communications

All communications center personnel are certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers and are required to be trained in the use of the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) and must hold National Academies of Emergency Dispatch (NAED) Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) certification and CPR certification.

Data Logging and Analyis

Elite's communications center can be a valuable partner to healthcare organizations by leveraging data analytics to improve:
* patient care
* operational efficiency
* and overall healthcare outcomes

Patient Risk Monitoring

Wearable Devices (2-way Communications, Fall Detection), QR Code Wallet Card, an App to always keep your most important health information and emergency contacts with you.